Our History

Whitewright’s first historical theater was the Odeon and was opened by Magnum and Moorehead May 22, 1914. Ticket prices were 5 and 10 cents.

Whitewright’s first historical theater

In the summer of 2015, negotiations began for a revitalization of the Odeum. New comers to the community, The Zeestraten Family, purchased the Odeum and spruced up the Historical Theater while keeping the charm. The Marquee, though keeping a classic look is made with modern technology to be more efficient. The 350 led light and three led screens certainly light up the town. The Grand Opening was October 30, 2015 and showed Hotel Transylvania 2 for $1 to show their appreciation for Whitewright and the surrounding communities.

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Our Early History

Established in 1914, The Odeon Theater was later purchased from Magnum and Moorehead in the early-1920′s by B.Legg and Roscoe Pace who operated it until February 11th, 1926 when they sold it to the Robb and Rowley theater chain.

Remodeled and renamed the R&R it was sold after only a year to Theodore Miller who promptly renamed it the Palace Theater. Cloy Horton and Joe Johnson bought the Palace Theater in the mid-1930s and then sold out to Marshall B. Hasty.

In 1947 Hasty sold the Palace to Mr. and Mrs. George Hight who operated it for three years.

The theater was later named the “Linda” and leased by Wayne and Ann Rose. The Linda played 2nd run movies on Saturdays to capacity crowds until finally closing in 1970.

In 2000 the theater was remodeled and reborn as the Odeum by new owners Patricia and Ken Hubbard. Decorated in Egyptian styling’s from after the turn of the century the Odeum theater is the anchor for activity in historic downtown Whitewright. The theater currently runs first-run movies and is equipped with incredibly rich Dolby sound. The theater seats 150 and has a great concessions stand, foyer and bathrooms. The Egyptian theme is carried throughout the auditorium and foyer as well as in the stain glass windows out front and its front doors.

At the end of 2012 the Odeum was closed and sold to new owner Mike Vinther who updated the projection booth with a state of the art digital projection system to keep up with the industry’s shift to all digital feature movies. The theater was reopened in October of 2013 with the feature movie, “Red Wing” which was filmed primarily in Whitewright and the surrounding Texoma area.